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    A Housing Bubble? Industry Experts Say NO!

    By Kaye Dela Cruz | November 9, 2017

    With residential home prices continuing to appreciate at levels above historic norms, some are questioning if we are heading toward another housing bubble (and subsequent burst) like the one we experienced in 2006-2008. Recently, five housing experts weighed in on the question. Rick Sharga, Executive VP at Ten-X: “We’re definitely not in a bubble.” “We have a handful... Read More

    5 Reasons Homeownership Makes ‘Cents’

    By Kaye Dela Cruz | November 8, 2017

    The American Dream of homeownership is alive and well. Recent reports show that the US homeownership rate has rebounded from recent lows and is headed in the right direction. The personal reasons to own differ for each buyer, but there are many basic similarities. Today we want to talk about the top 5 financial reasons you should own your... Read More

    Multigenerational Households May Be the Answer to Price Increases

    By Kaye Dela Cruz | November 7, 2017

    Multigenerational homes are coming back in a big way! In the 1950s, about 21%, or 32.2 million Americans shared a roof with their grown children or parents. According to an article by, “Nearly 1 in 5 Americans is now living in a multigenerational household – a household with two or more adult generations, or grandparents living with grandchildren... Read More

    Low Inventory Causes Home Prices to Maintain Fast Growth

    By Kaye Dela Cruz | November 6, 2017

    The National Association of Realtors (NAR) released their latest Quarterly Metro Home Price Report last week. The report revealed that severely lacking inventory across the country drained sales growth and kept home prices rising at a steady clip in nearly all metro areas. Home prices rose 5.3% over the last quarter across all metros. Lawrence Yun, Chief Economist at NAR, discussed... Read More

    The Difference an Hour Makes in Real Estate

    By Kaye Dela Cruz | November 3, 2017

    Every Hour in the US Housing Market:  624 Homes Sell 347 Homes Regain Positive Equity Median Home Values Go Up $1.13 Read More

    Why Sell Now Instead of Later? The Buyers are Out Now

    By Kaye Dela Cruz | November 2, 2017

    Each year, most homeowners wait until the spring to sell their houses because they believe that they can get a better deal during the normal spring buyer’s market. However, recently released data suggests that a seller’s best deal may be available right now. The concept of ‘supply & demand’ reveals that the best price for an item will... Read More

    Thinking About Buying? Know Your Credit Score

    By Kaye Dela Cruz | November 1, 2017

    Knowing your credit score or getting a recent copy of your credit report is one of the first steps that you can take toward knowing how ready you are to start the home buying process. Make sure all the information listed on your report is accurate and work to correct any mistakes. The higher your... Read More

    Don’t Let Fear Stop You from Applying for a Mortgage

    By Kaye Dela Cruz | October 31, 2017

    A considerable number of potential buyers shy away from jumping into the real estate market due to their uncertainty about the buying process. A specific cause for concern tends to be mortgage qualification. For many, the mortgage process can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be! In order to qualify in today’s market, you’ll... Read More

    Renting or Buying…Either Way, You’re Paying Someone’s Mortgage

    By Kaye Dela Cruz | October 30, 2017

    There are some people who have not purchased homes yet because they are uncomfortable taking on the obligation of a mortgage. Everyone should realize that, unless you are living with your parents rent-free, you are paying a mortgage – either yours or your landlord’s. As Entrepreneur Magazine, a premier source for small business, explained in their article, “12 Practical Steps to... Read More

    Buying a Home Can Be Scary… Unless You Know the Facts

    By Kaye Dela Cruz | October 27, 2017

    Some Highlights: Many potential homebuyers believe that they need a 20% down payment and a 780 FICO® score to qualify to buy a home, which stops many of them from even trying! Here are some facts: 40% of millennials who purchased homes this year have put down less than 10%. 76.4% of loan applications were... Read More

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